Ensure the Will is up to date before a loved one loses capacity

The question of mental capacity is an important consideration in Will-making and can be a contentious issue. How often do we hear family members arguing over a loved-one’s ‘state-of-mind’ and ‘what Grandad would have wanted’ when sadly, his memory and ability to make reasonable decisions comes into question. This may be due simply to age,… Read More

Why you should have your domestic building contract reviewed

Whether you are renovating an existing home or building from scratch, most domestic building contracts involve considerable sums of money. In fact, entering a building contract may be one of the most significant financial transactions you undertake. Despite the excitement of getting a new project off the ground, it is important to have your building… Read More

Does your business have a Will?

Most people recognise the importance of having a Will to determine how their estate is distributed when they pass. If you are self-employed, a partner or co-director, having a ‘Will’ or succession plan for your business is equally important. Think about what may happen to your business when a key partner dies or is incapacitated…. Read More

Windfalls and family law property settlements

The steps involved in determining how property is divided after the breakdown of a relationship generally include: identifying the assets, liabilities and financial resources of the parties; assessing the parties’ financial and non-financial contributions; evaluating the parties’ respective future needs; determining a financial settlement that is, in all circumstances, just and equitable. This is the… Read More

A Step by Step Guide to the Litigation Process

If you are a small business owner, there is a good chance that at some point you will consider suing someone to recover a debt, seek damages for a breach of contract or to resolve an employment dispute. If you are considering commencing a legal action, it is important to understand the basic procedures involved…. Read More