Elena Griffin


Elena, originally from Russia, practiced law as an in-house lawyer for 10 years before moving to Australia in 2017. She later joined O’Connor Harris & Co, in 2023 and was admitted to the ACT Supreme Court in 2024.

After completing her Juris Doctor at the Australian National University in 2021, Elena has specialised in property law, providing expert advice on conveyancing, stamp duty, and land tax matters in the ACT. She is renowned for her comprehensive understanding of property transactions, including purchase, sales, off-the-plan, leasing matters, new and established properties.

Elena’s clients benefit from her personalised and practical legal counsel, ensuring that their unique needs are met efficiently. Her dedication to staying updated with the latest legal developments allows her to offer reliable and current advice. Elena’s client-focused approach, combined with her deep legal knowledge and technical skills, ensures that she delivers optimal solutions tailored to each client’s circumstances.

Outside of work, Elena enjoys diving into the fantastical world of “The Witcher”, losing herself in captivating books, and crafting cozy creations with her knitting needles. Her hobbies reflect her vibrant personality and her love for both adventure and creativity, making her well-rounded and approachable.

“As a newly appointed lawyer in the ACT, I am excited to assist and guide you through the legal process.”